Who We Are

At seq we deliver genetic insight which results in actionable outcomes to provide value to our clients and community

Jared Tromp

Dr. Jared Tromp

It’s my goal to connect data to practical outcomes. I’m fascinated by the level of detail available in genomics and the story it can tell. My background is in marine sciences where I have completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) with honours and a PhD in fish Physiology and Genetics. For my PhD, I used bioinformatic pipelines to understand the transcriptome of chronic thermal stress in fish. I love sharing information and have obtained further qualifications in teaching and project management. I’m excited about the opportunity to understand and discover new genetic processes and provide meaningful value to my clients.

Jahzeel Tromp

Jahzeel tromp

I am a strong advocate for better health and social outcomes through my experience in the health sector. My background is in Nursing and Midwifery with a Master of Nursing (Child, Family & Community). In partnering with my husband, my aspiration is to leave legacies that create population impacts that create positive waves in our history. I’m here to facilitate the structural components of the business to allow Jared to focus 100 % on providing you with the best service. My role is to ensure you are cared for and are clearly communicated with. For any queries about anything, please get in contact, I’m here to help.