Bioinformatics uses software tools to understand biological data. If you have a mountain of data that you are struggling to understand, I can help you find the important bits.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) identifies the nucleotide (ATGC) sequence in genomic (DNA/RNA) samples, or simply put, it reads the code that tells our body how to do everything. As everybody is different, we can compare the codes or aspects thereof, to find differences. These differences can provide insight as to why one person will respond to a drug course and another won’t, at the genetic level. Or maybe you’re just interested to know whether you got the good family genes.

Here we look at the process of turning genes on and off and how cells use these mechanism to drive different processes.

Screening for biomarkers can help with early identification of disease or conditions and enact treatment options. But what if we don’t have any that are developed? With genomic data, I can provide a list of candidate genes to be tested as reliable biomarkers.

There are many interesting aspects to explore in genomic data and the field is rapidly evolving. If you want to explore something not listed above, please get in contact, I’m here to help and would love a chat.

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